Morimoto Napa - San Francisco Magazine

Had so much fun shooting at MORIMOTO in Napa, CA!
Chef Masaharu Morimoto, known to many as star of Iron Chef and Iron Chef America, has recently opened a West Coast location in downtown Napa. It's such an amazingly designed location and the menu is tasty & quite varied. There were so many great things to capture, it was hard to stop shooting! 
..(which made the editing tricky.. too much good stuff!)

My photo editor at the magazine agreed......"What a beautiful shoot—it was hard to choose!!!!" ~ Ellen

Here are a few of my favorite out takes:


nonexistent said...

OMG, Laura...WOW!!! This pics are a feast for the eyes!!! :D

Sarah said...

Fantastic as always, Laura! And the food looked just wonderful. Nice work.